What is cloud mining?

the cloud mining is one way to start collecting bitcoin. the miners will solve hash puzzels to find blocks and earning rewards.

what is cloud mining service?

the cloud mining is the fast and low cost method to start mining. miners will place on cloud mining datacenters. datacenters are great place with huge electrisity power/ cooling systems and maintenance engeeniers.

miners will working on datacenters and never shut down.

Why choose us

peoples enjoy professional providers. we are atrying to make best for users.


multi currency

BTC, ETH, LTC supported on mining cast platform.


Money back guarantee

money back guaranteed any time, any where, instant with no questions.


clear service

all of services are clear with no hidden fee

The Roadmap

the roadmap can show next move

SEP 2021

Launch sybria farm

new mining farm will launch on sybria. 950 antminer s14 is available on this farm.

DEC 2021

Build and run solar mining

solar systems can help us to generate extra power. the solar power is cheaper and can make more profit for miners.

FEB 2022

build and run wind turbins

we want to upgrade electricity power on our russia datacenter. we want to generate power with wind turbins. ever turbins can make enough power to working 10 miners.

May 2022

Build and run electricity investment

users can invest on electricity to help to make generators. that generators are makingh electrisity and users can sell electrisity and collect earn.

Frequently Asked Questions


the cloud mining is the best method to mining cryptocurrency on remote datacenter.
on cloud mining, you don't need to setup cooling system, no need to configure miner, no noise and miners are working all days.
login to dashboard, click plans and select your favorite plan. and click on buy button. on new window type any amount you want to invest and click generate invoice. pay service and wait for activation.
click on wallet in menu and select your coin and click on withdraw button. withdraw is instant and automatic.
we are protecting our investor's money. money back option is available. you can cancel your active plans any time and get back all of your investment amount any time.
click referral in menu and then copy link and share to your friends. you will earn when your friend earn money and take profit on mining plans.